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Puzzle of Diversity

The number of people seeking asylum in Germany has risen sharply in recent years. Many children come to Suhl with their parents (even without). It is important that the children in our city know that many foreign children already live here, but also: why the children are here and why their future is not certain. There are efforts on our part to lead a good life together and to lay the foundations for an integration that meets the European criteria

Our objective:

Our objective focuses on the early prevention and teaching of social skills in children with a focus on tolerance education. In this project with the children in Suhl we would like to visit the countries Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, also get to know some countries of Africa and deal with the differences and conditions of the people. It is important to make it clear to the children that there are not only people here in Germany who mostly live under very good conditions, but also others.

State Primary School Suhl-Heinrichs

State Primary School Suhl-Lautenberg

State Jenaplan School

State primary school Suhl am Himmelreich

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