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Kultur & Bildung

BIDA e.V. “CULTURE AND EDUCATION” is a new organization. However, the members have a great deal of experience in adult education. The aim of this association is to promote art, culture, education, and care for young and older people. It thus contributes to international [...]

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Messages about BIDA

We asked BIDA project participants from all over Europe to tell us a few words about their experience with us

These projects make people believe in the good again and in all the potential that is hidden deep down. You learn responsibility and a sense of empathy.

- Narine. Belgium

These events are very motivating and awesome. An experience I wish for everyone to go through, at least once in their life!

- Dimitri. Spain

The projects are an eye-opening experience. You grow so much as a person. Life becomes way more exciting and colorful.

- Lina, Bulgaria

BIDA's projects have been one of the best experiences of my young adult life. They changed my perspective and gifted me with so much more love than I could ask for.

- Francesca, Italy

BIDA's projects enriched my understanding of the world we live in, which is only possible if we communicate with people different from us.

- Dovile, Lithuania

The projects are a chance to feel bigger, capable, appreciated and encouraged. It’s a strong flow of energy that boosts everyone up.

- Siana, Portugal

The projects help us to expand our horizons, to become wiser and to find people who encourage us to become better.

- Marianna, Ukraine

BIDA's projects allow people all over Europe to experience the strength of a globalised society. I think this is the most effective way to prevent scepticism and conflicts between individuals. And they are great fun.
- Felix, Germany

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